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Client Login

On the right side of the menu you will find all login areas for managing your apps.

If you have any questions or need help, our support team is here for you.

"Customers recruit customers"

You have a colleague or relative who is also active in the catering industry? You are convinced of our Gastro software and the associated apps? Earn 10% of the booked package at the placement of new customers.

With the "Customer Advertise Customer" campaign, you will receive a 10% discount on your own account for the duration of your own contract period and for the duration of the contract period of the advertised new customer.

Commission example

  • You own the package "Business" for 59, - € / month.
  • You advertise 2 customers who use the "Business" package (your discount on your own account is 10.80 €).
  • You advertise 4 customers who use the "Standard" package (your discount on your own bill is 11.60 €).
  • You advertise 1 customer who uses the package "Premium" (your discount on your own account is 6.90 €).
  • In this example, for your own app and software usage, you would pay only 29,70 €.

If you advertise even more new customers, you may end up with a larger sum than credit for paying for the app and software. The commission payments or credits are always valid only for the duration of their own contract duration and the contract duration of the new customer.