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Live Demos

Our live demos of Gastro Software

Delivery Service Software Live Demo

Delivery Service Software

To test the Liverservice software, enter the zip code "11111" or click on the button Pickup. You can do the whole order, when paying just select BAR. This is just a demo version where, of course, nothing is delivered or calculated.

table reservation Live Demo

Restaurant table reservation

Test the table reservation software live and reserve a table in our demo restaurant. In the live demo we have deposited a deposit of 50, - Euro to lower the no-show rate, you can change this deposit when booking or set to 0, - €.

Online menu card Live Demo

Restaurant menu card

Integrate the full menu, weekly menu and events of the restaurant directly on your website, in the created by us Smartphone App and also on Facebook. Like all our software modules, the menu module is versatile.

Hotel room reservation Live Demo

Room reservation software for hotels

Your guests book the room immediately via website, smartphone app or directly via Facebook. Test the booking in our demo hotel completely. Choose cash as a payment method so that you can test the room reservation.

Catering Software Live Demo

Software for Catering Services

Ideal for catering services that want to offer customers an online ordering function via app, from the website or directly from Facebook. Here, too, you can play through the complete function of the catering software and get an idea of the performance of our software for catering establishments.

Facebook Page Tab Live Demo

Facebook Page Tab Integration

The Facebook Page Tab integration of all modules can be found on the left in the menu on our FB page. Please note that Facebook only displays the page tabs on the PC, but we will generate another link that you can share so that the customer sees the content of the page tab with their smartphone.